Hello. I am an about page pretending to be brtknr or भरतकुँवर in Nepalese. I have lived in Bristol since 2012, a city that I grown to love. At the end of 2019, the family has doubled in size with the arrival of our twins. While I would rate the pandemic low for many reasons, it has been great for balancing work/life activities. I do miss some aspects of commuting, e.g. listening to my favourite podcasts on my way to work but now I can do that while I am out with the children sleeping in the pram instead. I still enjoy spending my time in coffee shops, learning new things, going to hackathons/meetups, sampling vegan food and collaborating on coding projects (past projects: fast.ai, smart contracts).

Until September 2021, I worked as a Software Engineer at StackHPC making HPC cloud platform for research computing use case using OpenStack and Kubernetes.

In the latter half of 2017, I partnered up with Kyla and went on a 6 month tour of Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and China. Checkout some of our travel photos.

In 2017, I defended my doctoral thesis on mass evacuation modelling at University of Bristol. Feel free to check out my publications. The best part of the doctoral training was going to conferences and workshops in all these places:

  • TGF 2015 - Delft, Netherlands
  • CDAM 2015 - Lake Como, Italy
  • SCCS 2015 - Granada, Spain
  • AUM 2015 - Cambridge, UK
  • PED 2014 - Delft, Netherlands
  • SCCS 2014 Brighton, UK
  • AUM 2014 - Cambridge, UK
  • TGF 2013 - Julich, Germany
  • AUM 2013 - Cambridge, UK

As I was writing up my thesis in 2016, I also worked at Airbus for 9 months applying deep reinforcement learning to optimise policy of interaction between connected autonomous vehicles as part of a consortium called Flourish.

Before moving to Bristol in 2012, I was living in Bath to complete an undergraduate Master’s degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering at University of Bath.

Until 2009, I was living in Ashford with my parents while finishing up my A-levels at Harvey Grammar School in Folkestone where we lived until 2007.

I was reunited with my parents and brother in 2003 near Kirkham, UK where I completed my GCSEs at Carr Hill High School.

I lived in Kathmandu Valley from 1995, some of which I spent with my mother and extended family but the last 5 years at a boarding school.

As my father was in the Brigade of Gurkhas, my mother and I went to join him in Hong Kong in 1991 for 3 years where my brother was born.

Going all the way back to 1989, I was born in western Nepal in a village called Burtibang. hello